B2B Content Strategy

3-Step Content Strategy Framework

Step 1: Core Why

The Core Why step connects your organization’s core why with your customer’s needs. Authenticity springs from your organization’s core why and authenticity is fuel for an effective content marketing strategy. We will use our proprietary tools to unearth your core why and bring your marketing strategies into alignment.

Focus 1: Objectives

Focus 2: Buyer Needs

Step 2: Discovery

Every organization has a Core Story, we will help you discover it. Your Core Story makes the connection between your mission people, product, and prospect. It satisfies the heart and engages the imagination of your audience. During Discovery, we work with your team to identify and assemble the ingredients of your Core Story.

Focus 1: Story Architecture

Focus 2: Story Assets

Step 3: Development

Your Content Strategy is just the beginning. A successful content strategy is supported by unique tactics that are driven by your Core Story. For the Development step we will connect the dots and craft tactics that tell your story in memorable ways to the right audiences.

Focus 1: Tactic Development

Focus 2: Metrics Plan

Focus 2: Optimization Process

Content Strategy Insights